1. Visit and log in Run2Gather’s official page.

  2. Click ‘Joined Events’ and search for this Tour. Click ‘Submit Record’ and upload photos that are taken at 4 locations onto the page.

  3. You can only upload photo(s) that are taken at one location at a time, so four uploads are required. Participants are encouraged to upload photo(s) once they have visited the attraction.

  4. Upload at least one and at most 3 photos at a time. You can choose to show your face or not show your face.

  5. Due to the system requirement, you are required to fill in time, distance and thoughts. If you do not want to disclose such information, you are welcome to fill in any time and distance as you desired (1 km at least). The ranking does not affect the receipt of the Thank-you Pack and certificate.

  6. If you do not wish to upload and share check-in photos to the Run2gather system and community, you are welcome to WhatsApp or Signal (+852 6571 3986) check-in photos to ADAHK.

How to Check-in

Click here for video of upload Check-in Photo to Run2gather

Click here for video of send Check-in Photo to ADAHK via WhatsApp